Fully electric powertrain and electric systems


Hands off solutions using AI and machine learning


Effortless fleetwide communication with telematics 


Never stopping with hydrogen powered EV's


Using advanced tech to

provide safer solutions


Intelligence that transforms a vehicle


Top-notch infrastructure that's iteratively improved using OTA updates


Revolutionizing driver experience with interactive, high-tech displays

Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles stand to change what a vehicle is completely. With the coming mass introduction of fully autonomous functionality in fleets, autonomous vehicles will quickly become a must as firms achieve astounding levels of cost savings and efficiency. Through our in-house expertise and network of autonomous vehicle experts, Vorza will help you stay in front of the curve and incorporate fully autonomous solutions into your fleet today.

Electric Vehicles

Vehicles powered by electric motors which draw electricity from the grid are not the future, but the present. Electric engines and powertrains require fewer total parts, are more efficient, and require far less maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Vorza’s EV powertrain solutions cut down on the cost difference between ICE and electric vehicles without compromising on vehicle performance, making it not only easier to go electric, but the smartest decision for you and the planet. 

Fuel Cells

The use of hydrogen as a source of electricity drastically changes what an electric vehicle is. Fuel cells allow an EV to bypass lengthy recharge times and stays on the road longer, earning you more money. Despite the potential usefulness of fuel cell, there are significant difficulties inherent with the technology. Large upfront investments are required to implement the necessary infrastructure, which can be costly and time consuming. Vorza not only develops and integrates the fuel cell technology, but also works with you to determine how you can best implement the necessary infrastructure for your fleet. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Combining state-of-the-art hardware with robust in-house software, Vorza democratizes the most advanced safety systems on the market. We provide unmatched safety solutions by systematically analyzing data through advanced sensing and perception systems which in-turn provide the most powerful protection available. Whether it be through radar-, lidar-, or a camera-based technology, Vorza works to deliver a safer, smarter, and more integrated solutions every time. 

Connected Vehicles

Vorza’s Connected Vehicle System offers comprehensive data collection combined with prognostic analysis to significantly improve critical metrics for your fleet. Our expertise in data processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence allow us to derive the utmost information from your operation and provide more methods for improving your fleets performance. Through our data driven approach, we offer the ability to reduce warranty and recall costs, lower total cost of ownership, and minimize downtime for your fleet.

AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning)

Machines which mimic human cognition sound like science fiction, but the team at Vorza is working hard to help our customers use these machines today. By implementing strategies which allow programs to perceive the environment and then make decisions, humans can do more by focusing on less through offloading tasks to machines. These offloaded tasks range from data processing all the way up to operating a vehicle. Our end goal is to help our clients both reduce accidents and errors and realize tremendous cost savings by allowing these machines to do what they do best.

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AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning)

Software Calibrations & Controls & Over The Air Updates

A key factor in an innovative organization and an irreplaceable characteristic of a trail-blazing enterprise is software competence. The foundation from which successful products are built in today’s world is through the use of software to network individual components into a singular system, giving seamless connectivity and fluid interaction between all parts. This ability to make many operate as one is a keen ability Vorza possesses through crucial understanding of deep learning algorithms and machine learning software, and over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities. 

Digital Cockpit and Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

The Digital Cockpit provides the optimal driver experience and assists with the collection and reporting of real-time data to drivers and fleet managers alike. This revolutionary technology replaces analogue gauges with interactive touchscreen displays and introduces Head-Up Displays (HUD) that allow drivers to monitor vehicle data, use navigation tools, and perform a variety of other tasks without ever taking their eyes off the road.


Want to take steps toward a Zero Emissions operation in the future but don’t know where to start? Our consulting services are ready to help with every aspect of formulating the plan. We provide assistance in determining truck and charging specs, guide you through the purchase incentives process, and get you familiar with the new commercial vehicle powertrain tech. Backed by intensive data-driven research and industry knowledge, Vorza Consulting is prepared to help you navigate to a cleaner world of tomorrow.

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