Based in Birmingham, AL, Vorza specializes in advanced technology development and execution in the trucking industry. Our cutting-edge technological services include Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Telematics, Autonomous Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence in trucking. 

Our Mission? Integrating advanced technology and creating competitive advantages for our customers' commercial tools.

Our company works to expand design and engineering services to specialty vehicle manufacturers, as well as those with various advanced technology needs in other industries. Vorza’s services are backed by our leading expertise in the high-tech sectors of software development, vehicle technology, and Artificial Intelligence. We work with OEMs and fleets to develop technological solutions catered to each of our customers’ unique needs.

Vorza’s wide range of solutions and services includes:



  • Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Solutions: Self-driving technology that can operate fully autonomously within a geofenced area, or with minimal driver supervision outside of a geofence.



  • Connectivity and Telematics: Real-time data collection and reporting that allows you to track and measure important vehicle and fleet metrics, from driver performance to immediate maintenance requirements.


  • Software Calibrations and Controls: One of Vorza’s key competencies is our software expertise, which serves as the basis for all of our offerings. Our software engineering capabilities allow us to provide you with streamlined, integrated solutions that cover any advanced technology needs you may have.


  • Over-the-air (OTA) Update Capabilities: Our software has the capacity to be downloaded from anywhere and updated automatically over-the-air, saving you downtime on the lengthy in-person update process.



  • Zero-Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Consulting: Vorza realizes that many companies may be unsure where to start in the transition to Zero-Emissions, especially with recent regulatory pressures. We are here to walk you through every step of the process!

At Vorza, we understand that no two customers are the same. We will provide in-depth assessments of YOUR vehicles, YOUR funding needs, and the regulatory requirements of YOUR area in order to create the perfect advanced technology plan for YOUR company. Contact us today to learn more and get started!


Mike joined Vorza as President in 2020. His expertise in automotive technologies developing product pipelines across various segments includes experiences in tech start-ups, venture capital, consulting, and OEMs (Ford, GM, Stellantis, Volvo, etc.).

Having spent over 20 years working in various leadership roles for some of the world’s largest companies, Mike has a proven track record of success and delivering strong results.  He was the original architect in the formation of GM Ventures, brought connectivity into vehicles with various OEMs, and has launched new OEM business units leading them to exponential growth.


Mike holds a BS in Engineering from Michigan State University, an MBA from Wayne State University, and an MS in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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Mike Darrow


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From our Zero-Emissions Vehicle Consulting Services to our advanced AI-based offerings, Vorza is your one-stop shop for any advanced technology needs in the Class-8, severe-duty vehicle space. While other vehicle technology providers may offer one or two of the solutions that you’re looking for, Vorza has it all, and we do it just as well. 


Don’t waste valuable time shopping around in different places for your technology needs. Instead, come to Vorza, where we can set you up with unique, customized solutions across the vehicle technology spectrum!