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Driverless vehicles stand to change the entire transportation industry. With the coming mass introduction of fully autonomous functionality in commercial trucking fleets, autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a necessity. AVs allow firms to achieve astounding levels of cost savings and efficiency that a traditional fleet simply cannot provide. Through our in-house expertise and network of autonomous vehicle experts, Vorza will help you stay ahead of the curve and incorporate software for fully autonomous solutions into your fleet today.

Vorza is working to develop level 4 autonomous solutions for commercial vehicle fleets. This means that trucks equipped with our AV technology can operate fully independently, allowing electric fleet management to sit back and focus on more important tasks as pre-programmed, autonomous trucks handle their own workloads unassisted. Fully autonomous fleets are the ideal solution for distribution and logistics centers across the world, saving firms both time and money. 

Traditional, non-autonomous vehicles come off manufacturing lines and are then equipped with AV kits that allow those standard vehicles to operate fully autonomously. Vorza partners with top AV technology developers to provide customers with AV kits that are among the best in the industry, supported by the latest technology, including:


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  • Controller Area Network (CAN bus) systems. The CAN bus creates a network in which each individual electronic control unit (ECU) within the vehicle can efficiently connect and communicate with other subsystems, facilitating full vehicle autonomy.

  • Drive by wire (DBW) systems. Rather than relying on standard mechanical vehicular systems, an autonomous vehicle equipped with drive by wire technology controls vehicle functions electronically. Drive by wire systems reduce the wear and tear that naturally occurs in traditional mechanical operating systems, keeping your vehicles healthy and operational for much longer.

Autonomous vehicle technology is rapidly developing, and it can be a challenge to stay up to date. With our technological expertise, Vorza can help propel your commercial fleet into the future, moving forward and breaking tradition.

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