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Vehicles powered by electricity are quickly becoming the preferred method of transportation, transforming the automotive industry, and taking over the roads. Electric “engines” and powertrains require fewer total parts, are more efficient, and require far less maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Vorza’s EV powertrain and artificial intelligence solutions can cut down on the cost difference between internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric-powered vehicles without compromising on vehicle performance, making the switch to electric not only easier but also the smartest possible decision - both for your new electric vehicle fleet and for the planet.

Vorza specializes in creating electric solutions for commercial vehicles. Vorza leverages over 100 years of heavy-duty commercial truck manufacturing experience to learn from our successful past in the application of next-generation propulsion technology.  Our cutting-edge engineering services will power your trucks with:

  • Remote mount, single or dual eAxle electric propulsion systems.

  • Two energy-efficient, rechargeable battery packs, one on either side of the chassis/system.

  • A vehicle control unit (VCU) to optimize battery usage and manage powertrain functions.

  • Advanced electric accessories providing pneumatic, hydraulic, HVAC and 12/24VDC subsystem support replacing systems usually driven by the ICE. 

  • Thermal management systems that preserves battery function and life by preventing overheating (liquid-cooling) or heating during extreme cold conditions.

  • A zero-emission “tailpipe” power source, ensuring that your trucks don’t release harmful gases into the environment.

  • Adaptable to range extention options such as a ICE genset or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine

  • Overnight Alternating Current (AC) and ultra-fast Direc Current (DC) charging systems using the standard SAE J1772 Combined Charging Standard (CCS) connector. 

  • EV Integration with Autonomous Vehicle (AV) systems.

  • Autonomous induction and conduction charging options.

vorza automotive electrification
vorza electric fleet vehicles

Vorza’s electric fleet vehicle development team will work with you to determine the best way to electrify your fleet. We offer common carrier, propulsion system powertrains can be used across various platforms, as well as custom sized batteries to accommodate your trucks’ specific requirement. Whether you need batteries equipped for heavy-duty vehicles or for long-distance drives, or a smaller battery for less power-intensive tasks, Vorza’s custom sizing has you covered. We work with customers to develop unique and original solutions so that any commercial vehicle can go electric - regardless of size or application.

Electric fleet vehicles are no longer the future. Now is the time to make the switch to electric. In utilizing Vorza’s EV solutions, you can reduce your commercial fleet’s carbon footprint, cut costs, and compete in an increasingly electric automotive market. Make the right choice for your business and for the environment.

Vorza’s rapid prototyping methodology employs the latest engineering and product / system integration toolsets to implement our complete solution or portions of our solution in partnership with your team.  As Vorza evolves and improves our systems year by year, your vehicles will continue to increase their performance and range, while reducing cost, weight and charge times. 

Your vehicles will include Vorza’s aftermarket support with on-time delivery of service parts and remote telemetry / diagnostics systems.  Vorza also provides services to certify your systems to EPA / CARB’s latest GHG Phase II emissions certifications based on your vehicle’s intended service class and useful life. 

Application examples of Vorza’s EV solutions include: Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Refuse Vehicles; Terminal Tractors for Port, Railyard or Distribution Centers; emergency response vehicles such as ambulance or fire truck; medium duty delivery vans and shuttle buses; recreational vehicles; trailer electrification; off-highway tractors and specialty equipment; extreme-duty military equipment; Short-Haul and Medium Haul tractors / drayage trucks. 

The Autocar E-ACTT is just one of the exciting vehicle advancements made possible by Vorza!

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