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Vorza’s connected vehicle system offers comprehensive data collection combined with prognostic analysis to significantly improve critical metrics for your fleet. Our expert knowledge in data processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence allows us to derive the utmost information from your operation and provide the optimal methods for improving your fleet’s performance. Through our data driven approach, we can assist you in reducing warranty and recall costs, lowering total costs of ownership, and minimizing downtime for your fleet.


Every year, more and more commercial fleets are becoming connected, utilizing telematics software to synthesize data from each individual vehicle into a larger database. Driven by advanced, top of the line telematics solutions, Vorza’s connected vehicle technology provides numerous advantages for fleet owners, including:

  • Better decision making: The comprehensive analytics system underlying connected fleets allows fleet managers to make the best possible decisions in terms of routing, drivers, and so much more.

  • Real-time updates: Connected fleet telematics provide constant, up-to-date information on each vehicle within the fleet, alerting managers to any issues that need to be resolved as they come up. Our telematics system provides you with real-time diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), so that you can quickly resolve any pressing problems within your fleet.

  • Better driver performance: Vorza’s connected vehicle system provides feedback on quality of driving, alerting fleet owners and managers to harsh or reckless driving. Our telematics reports the number of times a vehicle had to automatically brake, the speed of the vehicle, and any other areas of concern, allowing you to monitor your drivers.

vorza telematics fleet management
  • With OEM factory fit hardware Vorza is capable of developing API’s that can be integrated into various TSPs (Telematic Service Providers) platforms

  • Vorza can aggregate/anonymize and monetize your CV data through various marketplace platforms

  • Leverage data to develop predictive failure modeling also known as prognostics; the models will make determinations on when a vehicle may fail using AI/ML capabilities

vorza telematics solutions

Connected vehicles are the essence of the future. Vorza’s fleet telematics system can help you avoid common logistical difficulties and improve your fleet’s functionality. We will help you connect your fleet so that you never again have to worry when your trucks are on the road.

vorza fleet telematics
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