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One common concern surrounding electric fleet vehicles is the time it takes to recharge. Compared to the quick fill-up times of gasoline-powered vehicles, recharging EVs can be out of commission for a much longer period. Thankfully, with fuel cell technology, lost recharge time can become a thing of the past. The use of hydrogen as a source of electricity drastically improves an electric vehicle’s functionality. Fuel cells allow an EV to bypass lengthy recharge times and stay on the road longer, thereby increasing your earning potential.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells recharge electric vehicle batteries while they are in use, making this technology the perfect solution for heavy duty vehicle use. Long-haul semi-trucks, refuse trucks, and many other commercial electric vehicles stand to benefit from the use of fuel cells. Fuel cell vehicles come equipped with a hydrogen tank, which can be filled and refilled just as a standard gasoline tank, giving trucks the ability to travel long ranges and exert enormous amounts of power without having to stop to recharge.

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vorza commercial vehicle fuel cell

Fuel Cell Process:

  1. A fully charged electric fleet vehicle’s tank is filled with liquid hydrogen.

  2. As the vehicle operates, its battery’s charge begins to wear down.

  3. The hydrogen in the vehicle’s tank is filtered through the fuel cell stack in a process known as electrolysis.

  4. As hydrogen passes through the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) contained in the stack, it generates electric power that automatically recharges the vehicle’s battery without ever having to leave the road.

Despite the many benefits of fuel cells, there are significant difficulties inherent to the technology. Currently, hydrogen filling stations are very scarcely spread, and large upfront investments are required to implement the infrastructure necessary to making hydrogen more easily and widely accessible. Vorza not only develops and integrates the fuel cell technology, but also works with you to determine how you can best implement and access the infrastructure needed to keep your fleet powered.

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