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Software competence is a critical factor in any innovative organization, and an invaluable characteristic of any forward-thinking, trail-blazing enterprise. In today’s world, successful products are built on a foundation of advanced software programs that can streamline individual components into a singular system, allowing seamless connectivity and fluid interaction between all parts.

Through our unique software expertise and our understanding of deep learning algorithms and machine learning software, Vorza possesses the keen ability to make many parts operate as one.

Vorza’s advanced software, incorporated into each of our services, comes with over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities, which allow you to update your vehicle software and telematics systems automatically. While the traditional vehicle software update process requires a trip to the dealership, over-the-air updates are sent directly to your trucks, letting you get the updates you need without the time investment. With OTA updates, your trucks will never miss out on the latest software, keeping your electric vehicle fleets completely up-to-date and operating at their maximum capacity.

vorza telematics fleet management
vorza truck routing software

Our electric and autonomous vehicle solutions would not be possible without the incorporation of intelligent, comprehensive, high-functioning software. Vorza works hard to stay ahead of the curve, providing you with the latest developments in trucking software. Our software can serve as the foundation for your fleet’s advanced technology needs, whatever those may be.

Whether you want to:

  • Electrify your fleet

  • Incorporate autonomous vehicles or fuel cell technology

  • Install top of the line safety software with our ADAS system

  • Connect your fleet through our advanced telematics system

  • Or all of the above,

Vorza has you covered! Fill out our contact form today to get started. There is no limit to where your fleet can go with the aid of Vorza’s advanced software.

vorza truck routing software
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