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Relocating Vorza: Vehicle Electrification and Advanced Technology in Your City

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that we generally post about relevant topics in commercial vehicle advanced technology – from truck electrification to autonomous vehicle fleet management. This week, however, our blog is going to take a quick detour to discuss Vorza itself, and (more specifically) the company’s plans to relocate to a larger headquarters.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with Vorza and its offerings, we suggest heading to our About page, as well as our technology-specific pages, located under the “Technologies” tab on our site menu. To provide a brief summary, Vorza is a new company focused on leveraging, developing, and integrating advanced technologies for specialty segment vehicles with the aim to make them safer, more efficient, and more reliable. Our design solutions are backed by years of engineering and software experience and expertise that allow our customers to go above and beyond, expanding the limits of what’s possible.

For Vorza to achieve its goal of offering top OEM-grade technological solutions that set our customers apart from their competition, we must also be able to expand our business. Vorza currently operates out of Autocar headquarters in Birmingham, AL. Autocar is Vorza’s sister company under the GVW Group umbrella – and while Vorza and Autocar wish to continue their profitable relationship for many years to come, Vorza needs to establish itself as its own entity. A crucial first step in this process is for Vorza to establish its own headquarters, thereby making it possible for our company to comfortably expand its operations and employee base.

Although Vorza was founded in and continues to operate out of Birmingham, the company is open to exploring potential headquarter locations in other states interested in drawing in high-tech companies. Wherever the location, having an exceptional, Vorza-specific headquarter site is an important ingredient to sufficiently supporting staff and executive management. By expanding into a new location, Vorza will be better able to grow its business and become a leader in technology solutions for commercial vehicles.

Vorza clearly stands to gain from the establishment a new and independent headquarters, but the benefits don’t end there. Vorza’s new headquarters will initiate a symbiotic relationship between the company and the city in which it is located, wherever that may be. As an innovative, high-tech company, Vorza can help grant stature to the city and possibly attract other technology start-ups to the area – be it Birmingham, Chattanooga, or another up-and-coming city.

Vorza is already making waves in the commercial vehicle advanced technology sector, from our battery electric solutions that have already vastly outperformed competitors, to our autonomous vehicle solutions that have run successful demos with a large, brand-name company within the past month. We already have the technology, the capability, and the expertise to make something truly great – now we just need the space to grow.

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