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Vorza is the leader in transformative technologies for commercial vehicles and empowers customers through emergent and advanced technology innovation

The VORZA experience

With years of experience in end-to-end product engineering and advanced technology capabilities, Vorza stands firm in its commitment to empower OEMs with the necessary tools to develop high-performance, sustainable, and cost-effective zero-emission commercial vehicles. By harnessing its expertise and innovative solutions, Vorza leads the charge in driving the commercial vehicle industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Vorza Engineer

Our Team

Vorza's team of experts are on a mission to revolutionize the commercial vehicle industry with cutting-edge, scalable, and transformative technologies, delivering game-changing solutions to propel the industry into the future.

Vorza Engineer working on truck

Johann Vorster is the President of Vorza Tech LLC. 


Johann joined the GVW Group as an engineer in Indiana, USA, in 2002.

He is responsible for leading Vorza’s growth and new technology initiatives. Johann is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of Pretoria and holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.


Johann Vorster - Vorza President

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